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Terry & Rowena Bradley

Terry & Rowena are our Senior Pastors. They arrived in the late 80’s, becoming the senior leaders in early 2001. Terry carries a master’s degree in Christian Leadership, and in 2017 he completed training as a Level 5 Christian Life Coach, through Dream Releaser Coaching USA. The founder and director of that company, Dr Sam Chand, has appointed both Terry and Rowena as the Directors of the New Zealand arm of Dream Releaser Coaching Company,  ´Dream Releaser  Coaching NZ Limited´ Terry is now in his sixth term serving on the Assemblies of God New Zealand Executive Presbytery, and currently occupies the office of as Assistant General Superintendent.

Both Terry and Rowena have a vibrant family, which includes eight beautiful grandchildren. They both feel strongly about the need to be a meaningful help in the life of the local community. Partly, this being expressed through a well-established, and strong working relationship with the Number Twelve Youth Hub, which includes the governance oversight capacity. This is their web page: Home - Number Twelve. They also are engaged in the running of the church’s Te Kūiti food bank. Terry lives to champion hope, no matter how terrible things seem to get, he cannot seem to help himself by wondering, ‘what if?’ He loves doing missions, and has travelled to Rwanda, India, Nepal, and even to nearby Fiji. But, if he isn’t thinking up new stuff to do, there is a possibility that you may just find him at the local golf course in Piopio.

Rowena, just lives to help others. Be it the Te Kūiti food bank, church building maintenance, or, endlessly helping someone with their garden, or renovating, or taking stuff for them to the local dump. And being a grandparent, her delightfully busy grandchildren certainly keep her on her toes. She has an amazing level of energy, and this is a real source of encouragement to both those in the church, and those in the community. Her faith and language of love, is helping others.


Liz Brandon

Liz is our Assistant Pastor. Liz has been a part of Journey church since the late 90’s with much of that time in a leadership role. She has also completed training as a Level 5 Christian Life Coach through Dream Releaser Coaching NZ, the first cohort to complete with the N Z arm. Coming along side people to support them to grow and grasp their destinies is one of her passions.


Liz also oversees Journey Church Children’s ministry, as well as supporting all aspects of church life within church and community.

Liz has worked in the Health Sector for quite some time now and loves being able to connect with her local community and champion them in any way possible.  She enjoys the richness in relationships that comes from calling Te Kūiti home for many years.

She thoroughly enjoys being a Grandma and loves hanging out with her growing brood of grandkids.

The church’s Trust Board comprise Terry Bradley as Chairperson, Liz Brandon as Secretary/Treasurer, and Board members David Wrack, Willie Ioane and Emma Hunt.

Their primary role is to ensure the integrity of the operations executed by Journey church, the contractual work of the Number Twelve Youth Hub, and the Te Kūiti Food Bank. It safeguards the reviewing and implementation of policy and procedures, its finances and the safety and well-being of all church meetings.

It ensures that the church property and its vehicles are well maintained, and compliant with current Government regulations.

The Trust Board also provides spiritual leadership and ministry support, as needs arise in the life of the local church.

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John, Emma & Joni Hunt

John & Emma oversee our music/worship team. Their commitment to excellence has brought together a multi-faceted team with a great heart. John and Emma are both teachers at our local high school. They live on their farm, with their beautiful daughter Joni and Johns parents, overlooking Te Kūiti. 

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Robyn Wrack

Robyn’s job is to ensure that all church finance are entered in xero accurately, that accounts be settled as soon as possible, and that donations are recorded.

Part of her role includes regular financial reports for the Trust Board, maintaining clear communication with Trust Chairperson, the Number Twelve Youth Hub, and our external accountants Smith Mitchell. 

Robyn brings a lot of experience to the job, and is a dedicated and ‘eager to learn’ person. She has a practical and fun loving faith.

Our young adults and young families have been getting together each month spending quality time, building solid relationships and having good old fashioned fun. We have had an awesome time ‘biscuiting’ at the lake and have had a big Sunday breakfast prior to church. We believe that building good friendships adds to a strong church, and makes it a fun memorable place to be for our children.

Further information: Joel Bradley

PH: 027 8237682


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Joel & Deeanna Bradley

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Brendan Vink and whaanau

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Martin Berryman

Did you know that it is true that “Stone sharpens stone and Man sharpens man”? With all that is going on around us these days it is easy for us guys to lose our sharpness. Coming from a background that involved men working in stressed environments, Martin knows only too well that it is important for men to take a break, have a coffee and talk with other men who face similar challenges. Each Thursday there is an opportunity for men to pop into Tiffany’s café on Rora Street in Te Kuiti and do just that. Have a cuppa and a social chat or just chill. There is always someone there between 11am and 1pm. There will be a men's breakfast every couple of months on a Saturday also.

Further information: Martin Berryman

PH: 027 5950566         



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